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Over four years ago, I was invited to a meeting that changed my life forever.  The organization I joined that day opened my eyes to the importance of acceptance and inclusion of individuals with special needs, and I have since been following that passion to the best of my ability.  I support the r-word campaign, which can be found at

Here’s a little background info on my journey to where I am now:

I was bullied very badly in school while dealing with an unstable home environment and I was ruthlessly hazed for standing up for other students who were being bullied.

One of my best friends since sixth grade (we graduated in 2010) has mild autism, and she is my inspiration.  She invited me to that meeting and has since been my rock.

In high school I contracted a chronic illness, missed 2/3 of those four years total, and became very depressed because of it.  My only motivation to get up each morning was knowing that I could see my friends in the life skills class if I got there on time.

I volunteered for Special Olympics for two years in high school and became very close to one family, whose three kids have delayed cognitive and speech developments- they are now 14, 16, and 20, and we consider each other siblings.  I went from babysitter to “big sis” and have loved every minute of it.

I am indecisive as to what my major will be, but I am taking it slow because myimmune system is so badly damaged.

I am a nanny, specializing in care for kid with disabilities.  I am currently a nanny for a wonderful family that has a seven year-old with Down syndrome and a four year-old who is typically developing.

Feel free to ask if you want any more info!


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