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Behind the Scenes: Things teachers don’t know about bullying

on October 13, 2013

As I have stated previously, bullying is a big issue for me. Tonight I was thinking… when did I have the biggest problems with bullying, and what could have made it better? The answer: In classrooms with new teachers, teachers who are new to the subject, and teachers who just don’t get it.

Teachers who just don’t get it is another topic for another day. I’m here to talk about the problems in classrooms with teachers in their first year of teaching or in their first year teaching that grade or subject. Don’t get me wrong- I love that teachers are pursuing their goals of educating students. I just know that there is a gap there that needs to be filled.

New teachers often do not know what to do when they see bullying and sometimes don’t even see it because they aren’t used to the students or the environment yet. To this day, my former teacher from middle school has no idea that she failed to stand up for me and make me feel included. One of my beloved high school teachers still keeps in touch with her star student who was my main bully in intermediate school. Both teachers were new, in their first year I believe. They had excellent lesson plans, engaged students in learning, and many more great attributes required of a teacher. However, they did not know how to identify and handle bullying. The one from high school saw it but didn’t take it seriously until I was in the hospital from a breakdown, and even then, she didn’t see that these people she favored were hurting me.

The reason that I emphasize that they were new teachers is because many teachers are not prepared to handle bullying and are either oblivious or shocked and don’t know what to say. I really think that intense anti-bullying training would be more fair to both teachers and students. That way, students could feel safer with new teachers and the new teachers would be ready to appropriately handle this prevalent problem. Bullying hurts, discourages, and often kills.

I would really like feedback. Do y’all think teachers should go through extensive anti-bullying training, especially new ones?

Hope to hear from y’all soon! Much love to all.

From Ear 2 Ear,



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