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Etta James

on May 9, 2013


The semester is over! Hallelujah! I just took my last final and am so relieved. I had been waiting till my classwork was caught up to update my blog, but it never seemed to end between the classwork, family, and my job. Thus, another very belated blog entry.

Now, this post has little to do with Etta James. Her song was just the first thing that came to mind when I flopped down onto the couch and realized that I had been clenching every muscle in my body for the past week. I let my muscles relax, and…. “aat laaaaasst…….”


Since the things I wanted to post about required proper titles and I was hellbent on naming my first one of the night “Etta James,” I decided to update you on my life.
It’s good, very busy, very tiring. I worked extremely hard in school all semester and did well on my exams this week. My siblings are well, and I will post about them later. My family is getting by with very difficult times both ahead and behind us. Work is going well and I am so fortunate to have the kids in my life.

Today we were singing in the car, and I looked back at Cookie and smiled as we belted out the same lines from the same song at the same intersection we get stuck at every day after I pick her up from school. It’s moments like these when I wish I wasn’t driving so I could pick her up and give her a big, tight hug, and hold my angel close and tell her how proud of her I am. Instead, a shared grin and an “I love you, Cookie,” had to suffice- after the song, of course, because she was getting into it and I didn’t dare kill her vibe.

“I love you, Cookie,” to which she smiled and responded, “Thank you.”

It’s the least I can do.

From Ear to Ear,



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