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Basketball Tournament: Nailed it!

on March 22, 2013

Since I enjoy suspense, I thought I’d hold off on my post about the district Special Olympics Basketball tournament.

Just kidding, I’m a procrastinator.

On the bright side, our teams did great! I have tons of pics but am not in contact with all of the families, so I will edit faces in any individual shots until further notice.

Everyone worked so hard and really brought effort and synergy to the team. My two younger sisters, Brooke (16) and Peyton (14), are on the purple team (we have purple and white teams). Peyton has really stepped it up this year. She’s matured in her passing and blocking, as well as shooting. I honestly don’t care if they make the basket or not. I care if they participate- pass the ball, help your teammates out, block for them, have their back. This brings me to my next point. I love my sisters both equally, with all my heart, and that is why it is frustrating when it seems like one is always rebelling. Brooke is a natural athlete, especially in basketball. Peyton had to work at it a bit more to really get the hang of it, but Brooke took to it like a fish to water, which is why I was going crazy when she decided to stop trying. Literally, nothing. She wouldn’t follow the game, help out with defense, take the ball, nothing. Nada. No soup for you.

We talked to her about how talented she is and how she needed to help the team, and she understood. Mind you, I said she understood, not intended to act on it. That being said, she IS sixteen. When you were sixteen, how much did you love constructive criticism, even if it was totally benign? You probably didn’t. You were busy with hormones and finding your place in the world and didn’t have much time to toy with all these obnoxious, well-meaning people giving you constant feedback. I know I was!

So, she did some things really well in the game regardless of her protesting. She started keeping up with the game and staying with the team, even blocking a little. Towards the end of her second game, she wasn’t paying attention and they passed her the ball. Oops, we were standing right under the goal! Mental note: don’t stand there if you don’t want the ball passed to you. I honestly thought she’d throw it back for a second. Being the awesome athlete she is, she took the shot! She missed, but it hit the inside of the rim! Her instincts took over and she knew to shoot. THAT’S MY GIRL!

We won in a landslide victory and were good sports. The other team was great and their athletes were really good sports as well. Our team had won their first game which I was not there to see, so we came out with two golds. It goes without saying that I don’t care if we win or lose, but I am proud that our team hustled and brought their A-game.

I am proud of both of my girls. They rock, and even with our stubbornness, I love them like no other. They love the game, and I totally support them. Sometimes we just decide to be difficult, and that will pass… I think. Yeah, it’ll pass. Right? Let’s go with yes. Brooke loves to play but loves to be adversarial more at times. If she ever stops enjoying the sport, we’ll back her up 100% and let her find a different passion. Until then, we’ll drive our big sister crazy!

Is anyone else doing b-ball this season? If not, what sports or activities are y’all into this year? I love to hear from y’all!

From Ear 2 Ear,



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