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Our first year of Special Olympics has begun!

on March 1, 2013

We had our first practice for Special Olympics Track & Field last Tuesday.

I am not going to lie to you- it was a trainwreck.  Okay, maybe not, but it definitely was not what we had anticipated.

Mind you, this kid is a rockstar.  She is fully capable of everything they did (or tried to do) that day, but with rockstar comes diva, and this was a diva day.

We struggled to get ready even though we were looking forward to practice.  Thirty minutes later we emerge, sweaty and carrying three purse, only one of which was mine.

When we get there, we get our name tag and grudgingly sit down in the stretching circle.  Miss Amber returns Cookie to the circle twice after she makes a break for it.  When everyone lines up for the softball throw, we decide it’s time to make three grown adults chase us in circles.  Miss Amber is called to the field to keep Cookie in line (literally) long enough to throw the softball twice.  She ran her heat once, halfway a second time.


Our (mostly) voluntary softball throw

*DISCLAIMER: I understand that overstimulation can lead to impulsive behavior, especially when adapting to new situations.  I am in no way ignoring that or being a tyrant, but am assessing her abilities and behavioral patterns along with contributing factors.  Miss Amber was very patient and totally understands that it was not 100% willfullness.

Miss Amber DOES know that Cookie was in no mood to follow directions, and is thrilled to report…

wait for it…

an EPIC WIN for Practice #2 this week!

She ROCKED IT!  She found a friend and went to the stretching circle, threw the softball like it was her job, and ran her heat twice.  The first time I saw her get up and run the entire length on her own, I just about lost it.  She was so amazing!  Her little legs were moving as fast as they could and she didn’t stop the whole way.  I was in the bleachers and when I saw that her turn was up, I leaned forward in hope that she would listen to the coaches and at least stay in her line.  The proverbial whistle blew and off she went!  I shot to my feet and immediately worried that I’d jinxed it somehow, but she kept going.  My hands came up to my face as I prayed that she would run the whole way… and she did!

Being the oh-so-suave social expert I am, I shouted, “YES!  THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!  YEAH!”

Then I realized I was on the opposite side of the field, way out of earshot, pointlessly screaming amidst parents and siblings that were talking amongst themselves.  Most of them had been doing this for years, so they had experienced their “firsts” as far as practices go.

When she came off the field later, I was freaking out, so excited, spinning her around in my arms.  She loves it when I get overly excited- cracks her up!

Her parents were so proud of her, as were all the coaches and volunteers involved.  Most importantly, she was proud of herself.  THAT is what we strive for more than anything.

Words cannot express how much I appreciate our volunteers and coaches, as well as athletes that support each other.  I am so proud of Cookie and am looking forward to next week’s meet- it’ll be our first!

We wish everyone luck in their district meets coming up and hope to see y’all this season!

From Ear 2 Ear,


Side Note:  Notice how it turns into “we” and “us” with kids?  Sometimes we even get into third person!


2 responses to “Our first year of Special Olympics has begun!

  1. mamajoyx9 says:

    Okay, okay . . . I’ll give Special Olympics a try. I’ve been putting it off, but this sounds just too good.


    • fromear2ear says:

      Oh wonderful! I am so glad. I started volunteering my junior year of high school and can tell you that I would pick a day at the games over anything else. It’s my idea of a pefect day. My siblings love it, the kiddo I nanny loves it, and my friends love it. It will be wonderful, I promise!!!

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