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Happy (belated) Birthday!

on March 1, 2013

First thing’s first:  I did not actually forget her birthday.  I am just a lazy blogger.

Back on track: my baby is eight years old!  The caviot being that she is obviously not a baby and I’ve only been her nanny for over a year now, thus having never known her when she actually was a baby.  Whatever.

Cookie turned eight in January, so naturally we had a party for her.  I’d like to say that their parents are some of the best party planners ever- they keep the costs low and never get outrageous but still have what could easily be considered the “party of the year” for each kid.  Benjamin’s party was in October and he had a costume party at a local park, which was a huge hit.  For Cookie, we had a disco.

A disco, you say?  With a dj and strobe lights and a mirror ball?  YES.  That is EXACTLY what happened, but better.  We added two essential components- kids and SUGAR!  It was fantastic.  The turnout was mind-blowing, with friends from Therapedia, the partnership, church, and her inclusive class at school all showing up to celebrate our baby’s big kid’s special day.  Many of the kids were all glitzed up for the disco theme, but nobody could beat Cookie’s parents.  Her dad was in bellbottoms and a cheesy 70s button-down, with platforms and a goofy wig/ mustache combo.  Her mom wore a groovy (see what I did there) jumpsuit and platform heels.  Her brother was wearing a “pimp suit” complete with fur trim.  I donned pieces of old dance costumes- bedazzled black jazz pants and a blue sequined top.  You know I’m committed when I break out the spandex!  Of course, Cookie rebelled against the theme days before the party but still looked like a rock star in a fuschia Marchessa dress from Target.  We love clearance!

Her tie-dye cake was a hit, as well as the cupcakes for kids who had an aversion to cake.  (I know, who doesn’t love cake, and who would only eat it in cup format? Kid logic 101)…  They danced till parents were having to drag them out the door and each left properly sugared-up (sorry Moms and Dads)!  Cookie danced Gangham Style with all her friends and had a wonderful time.  If you ever worry about your kid not having “typical” reactions at their party, take comfort in knowing that she was properly embarassed by her parents when they tried to “shake their groove things.”  She also did really well with the cake and candle process and responded appropriately to all her presents, despite tearing through them too fast for us to take notes for thank-you cards.

My heart swelled with pride at the sight of Cookie having “girl talk” with her friends and sharing the typical “O.M.G.” reaction when each walked in the door- squeals and giggles, running to each other for a hug, the whole thing.  As little as we care about “the norm,” it’s cool when you see the “more alike than different” mantra in real life.

Side note: I forgot how much kids love pulling each other around on a slick floor.  Their dad is British and was so confused as to why there was a human chain being formed on the floor with one child pulling the rest.  Apparently they don’t have that in England.  Welcome to the states, where children slide on the floor.  Why?  Because we can, that’s why, and it’s fun.

So, happy birthday Cookie!  I am so proud of my sweet girl.  I love her, even when she clotheslines her brother in Walmart.


From Ear 2 Ear,



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