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2012 in Retrospect- Who Knew?

on January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It’s been a big year for everyone.  We have grieved losses, gained new blessings, and stayed strong for another year.  I am in awe of the accomplishments made by people in and out of the advocacy community.  The holidays have gotten so crazy that I never caught up on my posts, so you’ll get a few extras to catch up on some highlights I witnessed personally.  Here are some that made the headlines in the news:

Trending news, some not so good, found at this link:


A high school basketball team stands up for a teammate’s rights:


Student with Down Syndrome crowned Homecoming royalty:


Musicians with disabilities combine their talents to stun audiences:


Player with Downs scores big time:


Homecoming queen reigns proudly:


A sister recounts the successful life of her brother:


…and so many others that I was unable to include.

To have a story included in a post or added to this one, comment below or email me at

Happy New Year, from ear 2 ear,





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