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2012 in Retrospect, part two

on January 1, 2013

We did it! Here’s an overview of some sibling progress I have witnessed.  More to come!

My baby sister turned SIXTEEN!  Holy cow!  551588_10151064347211804_1936817872_n

Later in the fall, she also received her Letterman jacket for SO basketball.  It blew my mind as hundreds of students rose to their feet and cheered for her!  Yes, I cried 😛192444_10151331869921804_69773127_o

In case you can’t tell, we don’t organize well for pictures lol.


Littlest Sis’ became a CHEERLEADER! Omg!  This has been her dream for years.  The eighth-grade squad at her school requested to make the team inclusive for home games.  I admire their integrity.



Anyways, I’m so proud of the girls and cannot believe how fast their year has gone by.  I hope you are experiencing similar progress.


From ear2ear,




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