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Peers, Jeers, and Social Fears- that’s what adolescence is made of

on November 10, 2012

So I’ve been posting on facebook every day about things I’m thankful for this month, but one really hit me today.  I am noticing slowly progressive environments to accommodate today’s youth, and it is absolutely essential.  Everyone “belongs” on this earth, but that can only happen if we let them. 

The shy kid who can’t read his report to the class, the girl who wishes she had the courage to share her talents, the kid who wears his winter coat year-round as a security blanket, the students who skip classes and don’t do homework, the girl with the attitude problem, the guy who’s afraid to join a team that wouldn’t be “a guy thing,” the girl who cries all the time for no reason, the annoying kid in class, the know-it-all, the overacheiver, the giver-uppers, the chick with a reputation, the musical prodigies, the kid in the wheelchair, the nervous new teacher, the deaf janitor, the new kid, the Jesus freaks, the rebels, the spirited school club members…

Unless we make the environment a safe and welcoming one, they will never have the chance to truly “belong.”

From ear 2 ear,
Amber Roberson


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